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Perpetual Income 365 is the new money-making program that teaches you simple steps on how to make money through email marketing.


Hey, it’s Greg here, I came to know about Perpetual Income 365 by Shawn Josiah (smart guy, I met him on my trip to Philippine), and I decided to do some searching on this program.

When I searched for Perpetual Income 365 review, I was shocked to see no one in the top listing on Google actually tried the program – They are creating their ‘review’ on the information that they find online.

All these reviewers have two things in common:

  1. They haven’t tried the program, yet they feel they are ‘QUALIFIED’ to create their review and share their ‘HONEST’ opinion about the program.
  2. They are creating a FAKE review and saying bad words about the program to promote their own program.

I don’t understand how they can create their Perpetual Income 365 review without testing it. Or maybe I am doing reviews the wrong way? LOL

Anyways, I hope you don’t mind if I break the cycle and actually TRY the Perpetual Income 365 and then share my opinion on it. (Honesty is the best policy, Isn’t it?)

So, I take the first step and become a member.

So, What Is Perpetual Income 365 All About?

Perpetual Income 365 Screenshot

Important: If you find my review helpful, then do me a favor and close all other tabs and join Perpetual Income 365 from my link. I get a small referral fee which will not affect the final cost of the program.

So, I decided to join this program to go through it, test it, and find out if it really delivers what it claims.

TLDR: I like the Perpetual Income 365 (PI365) program and I believe this is the best program for a newbie who wants to earn money quickly through affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Before I create get deep into the program, let me tackle the ‘claim’ of this program.

  • Q: Can You Really Make $432/Day Profit?
  • A: While it is probably not going to happen in your beginning days – but as you learn and scale, it is definitely possible. You have to make $900+ sales to make $450’ish commission. Affiliate Marketing is legit and if you get the right training and product, you can make even $2500/day.

With that begin said, Perpetual Income 365 (according to Shawn Josiah) is the “Quickest and Easiest Method To Make Money Online. Even If You Are A Complete Newbie.”

It is very simple to use PI365. You only have to:

  • Set up your ClickBank account
  • Set up your Opt-in page or bridge page that connects to the sales page in just a few clicks
  • Set up your Auto-Responder (aka Email Sender) Account
  • Send traffic to your page.

Perpetual Income 365 is the simplest program that reminds me of Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal that used to sell for $995.

However, you will be getting a program very much similar to Inbox Blueprint at a fraction of cost.

Anyways, after you join PI365, you will be provided a list of simple steps that new affiliates should be doing on day 1.

Now the next question we are going to tackle in this Perpetual Income 365 review is how it helps you make money? So check out next section

How Perpetual Income 365 Work?

How Perpetual Income 365 Work

PI365 is the program that provides you all tools and information you need to promote and sell your affiliate products through email marketing. We can say this is an email marketing course with a great ‘DONE FOR YOU’ twist.

Email marketing always holds a special place in my digital marketing career because when I was struggling and on edge to give up, then my one campaign changed everything and I made $2200 by sending $500 worth of traffic. That’s pure $1700 profit in just two days.

Yes! This is all possible with email marketing.

Well at that time, I wrote each and everything myself, and also design an Opt-in page that took nearly 2 days (20 hours of work).

Thankfully now you can cut down the writing and designing part by joining PI365. With just a few clicks, you can set up your opt-in or bridge page with the help of pre-designed money pages. You can promote this page to your email list.

With that being said, I want to say, Perpetual Income 365 is a legit program that helps you to make money quickly in as little as 7 days.

Now before I take you inside the members’ area, let me share five steps that Shawn goes through inside the program.

Step 1 – The Heavy Lifting Is Done For You!

When Shawn decided to create this system, then he decides to make a system that everyone from a newbie affiliate to ‘experienced’ affiliates can utilize it.

He was also a newbie affiliate just a few short years back, and he knows how difficult it is for a new affiliate to make money online.

For that reason, he has done all the work. He has provided proven money pages, sales copies (emails, sales letters, etc.) just to make it easy for a new affiliate to see sales in his account in the shortest time possible.

Step 2 – Structured To Create Residual Income

This program focuses on creating residual (means, recurring) payment. This means the work you will do one time will keep bringing you money until the customer remains in the paying structure.

This is the tested and proven system that Shawn and other top affiliates are doing to get monthly recurring income with a little effort.

You may start understanding how this program work once you join the program, go through some videos, and start setting up money pages.

Step 3 – The Automation Software

Perpetual Income 365 Money Pages-min

This is the best part of Perpetual Income 365 because it is the BEST TIME SAVER.

You will have pre-designed money pages that are created by experts, and they convert best. Shawn and his team already tested these money pages and now they have provided you proven money page.

Now all you have to do is to put your Clickbank ID, email responder ID, and select money page. That’s all you have to do in setting up a site.

The next step is to send traffic to your website which is also an easy step defined in the Perpetual Income 365 Traffic Crusher module of this program.

You don’t have to pay anyone for writing a proven sales copy or creating a high-converting sales page. Everything is already done for you.

Step 4 – The Refund Policy

Nobody likes people who just abuse the refund policy – they just pay for the program, get the training, and ask for a refund. Not only these people never find success in affiliate marketing or in any field but they often get blacklisted by various networks.

However, it’s completely fine if you go through the training, try it yourself, and if it doesn’t work. But still, you will be blacklisted and you will not generate any more sales, and all the subscriptions (which paying you monthly) will automatically cancel.

Well, is this fair? Truly speaking I saw numerous people who abuse refund policy and then start selling the same training for a cheap price. Also, many people ask for a refund just after five to ten minutes of joining the program.

For these reasons, honest and hard-working internet marketers are coming up with different ideas to stop unethical practices.

Step 5 – The Facebook Group

PI365 Income Proof

I was very impressed when I first get into Perpetual Income 365 Facebook Group because people are posting their SUCCESS STORIES and EARNING SCREENSHOTS proving this program really works.

Check out this recent screenshot posted on (25th March 2020)

The best thing is these people are making money with Clickbank during this pandemic situation.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind these are recurring commission and they will continue getting money every month as long as their customers remain in the payment structure.

There are many screenshots and success stories. People are posting them daily and this program just launched this year. This program is on the right track to becoming one of the best-sellers in the money-making niche.

Make sure you open each tab to learn how these steps work especially fifth step in which you find income proof.

Upsells And OTOs Within Perpetual Income 365 Review

Any affiliate program can be incomplete without upsells and OTOs it help to make your experience better and improve the quality of the program. They are accommodating and make the program more valuable.

Upsell 1 (Multiplier Asset Perpetual)

It permits you to use 7 multiple designs and allow you to design more landing pages. Also will enable you to installs in any number of sites you want. This upsells helpful to make your design attractive and profitable.

Upsell 2 (5 Click Payback)

This addon consists of various plugins that allow you to create a landing page in any way you like. Here are some more features:

  • It tracks the visitor.
  • It consists of attractive animations, i.e. button rocking.
  • It will show you the flag and country of your visitor.
  • It includes various stylish banners for date representation.
  • It also consists of social media bars.
  • It also contains heatmaps.

These features are not necessary, but they created to make your chats better, and they are useful and look attractive too.

Upsell 3 (Handy Email System)

This option is advantageous. It is an option which deals with your response you get through emails and send them directly to the software. You can make any broadcast through emails, and it makes your email process very handy.

These upsells are very helpful when you talk about something new and creative its fulfil your both condition and make the program worthy.

How Much It Will Cost You To Get Money From It?

Money Make Money

The full cost depends on your investment and how much money you can pay for having more traffic. The more traffic you have, the more sales you can have.

  • Perpetual Income 365 membership is $47 a month
  • In starting, you will GetResponse a 30-day free trial, and then you have to pay for it. It starts at $15, and you have to pay every month
  • The Solo ad traffic starts from $40 to $100, and you can easily generate 20 to 50 subscribers

So, if we combine, you need have to pay a $47 user fee of Perpetual Income 365, GetResponse fee for a month, $12, and $40 for solo ads. The total amount you have to pay per month is $99 for generating 20 to 25 leads. Even 10 of them convert into sales, you will get $40 x 10 = $400

You will also get three free bonuses if you get this program from the link provided by the end of the Perpetual Income 365 review. They will give you guidance about online dealing and business. These ebooks are classical, but they are beneficial in understanding the online business.

Final Verdict:

Is Perpetual Income Scam

Personally, I like it very much. This program reminds me of those days when I was struggling, and email marketing saved my sinking ship. This program INTRODUCE you to affiliate marketing with email marketing as the primary traffic source.

Although you may not get rich overnight, nor you will may 460/day profit (especially if you are just starting up) but definitely it can give you a few amazing moments of seeing sales in your Clickbank account. And once you had the very first sale, then it is pretty easy to multiple it.

“If you can sell it once, you can definitely sell it 10 times.”

Use this program as the starting point, and take things forward. Don’t give up if you fail once or even 100th time.

Even I started affiliate marketing in 2007, but I got my first affiliate sale in 2010. That time technology was not on an advanced level, and today you have the chance to utilize and make money from the system that is already tested and proven by experienced Internet Marketers.

My Final Recommendation:

Join this program, but don’t let it sit in. You will learn with your mistakes. Don’t try to make everything perfect in your first go.

Shawn is an honest and intelligent guy. I trust him and I know he will never create something to scam people. Whatever he provided inside Perpetual Income 365 is definitely a legit way of making money. Don’t conclude if it will work or not. My honest suggestion is to give it a try!  Success is waiting for you.

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