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Venus Factor is especially design for women who wants to burn fat and look great in any dress. Inside this program is the Venus Community where you can ask any question from previous users of this program. It comes with 60-days guarantee.


weight loss for womenIn the world of continuous development and work, it is now very important that every individual tries to push himself for fitness.

Now a day’s fitness goal is being developed and maintained by not only the millionaires but also the commoners around just to keep it ensured that the 100% work output can be maintained under every circumstance.

For this many of the experts in fitness are developing and propagating fitness plans. The market is flooding with different sort of fitness techniques that require only money on the side of buyer.

But what comes with them are the everlasting side effects that people don’t know. For such people Venus factor plan is the actual and complete remedy.

What is Venus Factor?

venus factor bookNow the question arises, what Venus factor actually is? It is a program that has been designed more specifically for women to get in proper shape by the proper use of nutrition and workout. The plan is encompassing 12 weeks where it requires performance and endurance on the part of individual and the results are confirmed by following tough diet and workout routine.

Moreover, the plan is not only containing the diet and workout plan, but also comes with an online Venus community to let the individuals talk and discuss every important aspect as they pass through different stages. One can start his own specific blog or center of discussion to have further understanding of program and check out the results with time.

Very importantly women who do not get to know about getting in shape because of daily chores can have what they want by the use of Venus Factor. It has been designed by keeping in mind that the ideal women will somewhat be in proper form and the steps mentioned in there will get you to your dream shape.

John Barban – The Founder of The Program

John Barban the creator of the program comes out with this fantastic understanding that the naturally occurring hormone” Leptin” is the main cause of obesity or fat in women. If it comes in low amount the women have to suffer from the obesity while its high amount will result in less fat storage, eventually leading to a fit output.

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How Does John’s Venus Factor Really Work?

The author of the program who himself is a fitness model described every important factor that is responsible for the obesity in a woman. He described two major factors as followed:

  • Diet control singly cannot be the solution to the problem of obesity. If one controls diet or go on dieting, he or she may be reducing not only the intake of food but will also be causing the less production of the “Leptin” which is the cure of obesity.
  • A person’s lifestyle plays a very important role in determining the signal working of “Leptin”. For instance, if a woman is not running or not doing any workout other than daily chores, she will cause the “Leptin” production to reduce. Or in other words the signal will switch off. The fat will accumulate eventually.

The real problem is that the women has to naturally give birth to a child. The child while in mother belly is protected by a fat protected layer. This layer after the child birth is left aimless and creates obesity problem in woman. Now, to deal with it one needs a very comprehensive program in the form of diet plan and workout which not only targets the fat layer but also the overall body performance.

Now we also know the fact that the women are weak and less productive when it comes to workout performance. Very high demanding exercises are not possible and something needs to be done. The Venus factor by John Barban comes with very light but affective workout routine that not only targets the fat but also creates ease for the weaker so that they develop the endurance in the long term. So the program does not leave the weaker ones unaccounted for, but creates ease for everyone who follows it.

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Positive impacts of the program

It is now time to sum up the benefits of using this program. Some of them are:

  • Complete first guide for women. We know the fact that for many years’ women were neglected in the fitness field. And it purely was considered a men’s era. But as the time passed and empowerment increased, it was cleared in the heads of the public that health and fitness is no longer limited to men. But every woman can also have the benefits of good health and diet plan and Venus Factor 2016 helped in this case a lot.
  • Diet plan and workout routine is available in it. It doesn’t go for any pill plan to be used.
  • One can access the workout videos for further understanding. And furthermore these workout routines can be carried at home.
  • Overall body structure improvement.

Cons of the program

One may not find any much of the negative stuff in the program but for those women who are only looking for the weight loss, this isn’t the right program. It not only gives weight loss but also the proper physique by increasing the mass at proper locations. One must not go for content but for quality in every aspect of life.

Concluding Remarks

Not in the market there are programs which are free of the pills or other related stuff and those who give actual results. But Venus factor program is one of those programs that you can actually depend on when it comes to attaining proper physique.

It doesn’t have any of the side effects like pills or other protein stuff in market do have. But what it guarantees is results if one is hardworking and looking forward to release some extra layer of fat. So all the bulky women out there who actually look forward to release that extra belly fat layer, this is the time to do the actual hard work in form of diet and workout.



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