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I thought long and hard before creating this 7 Day Prayer Miracle review. After getting so many questions from my lovely subscribers, I decided to purchase it to see what’s inside in it.


7 Day Prayer Miracle solve your problemsI thought long and hard before creating this 7 Day Prayer Miracle review. After getting so many questions from my lovely subscribers, I decided to purchase it to see what’s inside in it.

Ever since the release of the movie ‘The Secret’ much has been written about the law of attraction. As a Christian, we all have been wary of this new age movement that claims the discovery of this ‘positive thinking’ concept.

And of course, the biggest problem with these type of movies is they have no acknowledgment of The God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. We all know, all the power comes from God, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit. Maybe this is why the law of attraction fails to work for everyone.

Is it possible to combine the law of attraction with PRAYERS to live a productive and spiritual life? The short one-word answer to this is, a sounding ‘YES.’

There is where programs like “7 Day Prayer Miracle” comes handy.

The Main Objective:

The main objective of this program is to teach you how to manifest your desires using powerful 4-Sentence Prayer to receive abundance in all parts of life.

The author, Amanda Ross, believes that this 4-Sentence Prayer is handed to her by the Archangel Michael. This 4-Sentence Prayer is similar to the prayer that Prophet Daniel did that helped him to rise from slave to co-ruling the country.

If you want to skip this review and want to learn about this 4-Sentence Prayer than download 7 Day Miracle Prayer by clicking the button below:

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Detailed & Honest Review

What You’ll Find Inside This Program?

7 Day Prayer Miracle program

7 Day Prayer – Main eBook: This eBook contains 3000 words of wisdom and also steps on how to pray like the Prophet Daniel. This book also includes actionable guidelines on how to connect your life with the spiritual world, to God, and his angels. These prayers will take you out from any trouble if you practice it religiously.

7 Day Prayer Journal: This PDF journal contains seven prayers for seven days. Each of these prayers designed to help you live your life happily by connecting you directly to heaven.

Divine Hearing: This book is created to teach you how to recognize messages from your Angels. Two angels are with you since your birth, they know a lot about your personality and your true self, but you need to learn how to recognize their messages to understand what’s hold for you in the future.

A Song Of Shifts: This is the MP3 audio file contains music specially designed at a frequency that allows the mind to enter into theta state quickly – this is a powerful prayerful state of mind.

Divine Numbers: Have you ever wonder why you keep on seeing the same pattern numbers again and again? This is because these are ‘Angel Numbers’ and they hold a message for you. By understanding these number patterns, you will learn the secrets of the universe.

An In-Depth 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review:

Amanda’s 7 Day Prayer Miracle program is the perfect combination of the law of attraction, manifestation, and prayers.

Right now, many programs are just too much focus on positive thinking which is not enough to achieve effective long-term results. Positive thinking may keep you on track for a day or two, but then you will back on your same routine.

So, there is a need for something (or some powerful steps?) that stop building this negative pattern and provide long-term results. This is where the power of PRAYER comes into play.

Amanda’s program contains all the attributes of the law of attraction programs that build around manifestation techniques, but it includes spiritual component and prayers.

It is lack of spirituality and prayers that stop the law of attraction from working, and this is why many programs fail to work for everyone. Amanda Ross has tried to solve this problem with this program.

This program contains easy-to-perform daily exercises for manifestation and prayers in a user-friendly eBook format. These exercises are simple and show you how you can combine the law of attraction with a spiritual connection to manifest your desires and live in abundance.

These prayers work by eliminating the negative thoughts (that everyone has somewhere in the subconscious mind) with positive, powerful and abundant ones.

This program have provided prayers that cover health, wealth and relationship but the key areas focused in this program are a manifestation, spirituality, and abundance.

Amanda has created a short video in which she explained how prayers can changed your life. You can watch this video by clicking the video image below:

7 Day Prayer Miracle video

Who SHOULD Try 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

The first and most important thing that is require to make this program work is – BELIEF IN GOD. People who are a non-believer or don’t understand the theory when it comes to the big guy on the sky will struggle to make this program work for them because this is the main thing that keeping 7 Day Miracle Program together.

However, if you DO believe in GOD, his Prophets and Angels then this program will be a fantastic experience for you. When you go through these prayers knowing the GOD, and his assistance Angels will assist you, then this very thought will give a new meaning to your life. With that thought, you will have an advantage while working with 7 Day Prayer Miracle program over those that don’t.

This program is also for those people that have worries regarding their health, money, and relationship. These prayers will give comfort, and in the meantime who knows you solve all your worldly problems.

Do you want to know how prayers can help? See the graph below that define how praying regularly reduces depression, divorce and mortality.

Prayers Graph


Who SHOULD NOT Try 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

Individuals that have no faith in GOD and don’t understand the creation of this Universe will struggle to get a connection that requires in this program.

However, prayers are excellent and they can help in eliminating all negative thoughts that are stuck in the subconscious mind. Non-believers can change a few words, but sentiments are there.

And also if you don’t trust the power of prayers or not ready to remember the prayers given to you, then nothing will change – that I can guarantee.

Is It Worth The Investment?

This is the most important questions of this 7 Day Prayer Miracle review.

I created this in-depth and highly research 7 Day Prayer Miracle review to give you some ideas to help you in deciding if it is for you.

I went in a bit more detail, but some people want to hear “yes” or “no” regarding the program. I feel it is suitable for an individual to get all ins and outs of the plan before investing money in it.

If you are religious and firmly believe in God and his Prophets, then these prayers will give you one thing, that is – HOPE.

And, if you are a non-believer of God, then you can look for other ways of manifestation. There are many of them!

That was it from this 7 Day Prayer Miracle review. Click the button below that will take you to the official website where you can watch the video before making your final decision.

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