Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight Review – Is it Real?

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Your survival training is incomplete without quality and reliable Hybeam Tactical Flashlight. Read our full review on SurvivalLife's Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight and decide yourself.

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jungle survivalIn the time of survival and emergency, what is the most important of all things you may need to proceed? Is it your tour guide or your partner? No. The most important of all that you would need if you fall prey to dark forest or a dense mountain will be the light. Yes, without the presence of light, you cannot see and decide what to do.

In the survival training many old and new tactics like making of fire are being taught. But it is absolutely possible that your fire turns off just at the time you need. That is why it is told to always keep a Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight with you, so that if everything dies out, you may still can find your path. You do not have to run into something hard if you have a lightening source or you may not fell prey to an animal if you possess one of these lights.

For a very limited period of time you can grab SurvivalLife’s Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight offer by just paying $6.95 shipping and handling charges. Although these S&H charges are little high but this survival gadget is totally worth it. Give a try now!!

What Hybeam Tactical Flashlight is?

This Hybeam Tactical Flashlight is an aluminum aircraft graded flash light that has been made with the purpose of lightening even the darkest of paths for longest possible time. Developed by Joe Marshall, this fine piece of art is developed to resist even the hardest environmental conditions. It is water proof and the design is slim and compact, making it pretty awesome to fit into bag or even in your side pocket.

Moreover, the delicate measurements of even the smallest design configurations have made the device highly tough and ready to face any sort of shock. When it comes to amount of light, the Authentic YAG™ bulb is one of the best you can probably find in the nearby store or even in the international market. Because we know that the only thing that matters in a flash light is the light actually, which differs with the quality of the bulb being used and also the working mechanism. This device is best in this case.

Joe Marshall (creator of SurvivalLife) created a short video presentation that shows you how this powerful this little device is. I recommend you to watch the video below:


Features of Survival Life’s Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight:

The Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight by Survival Life is distinctive when it comes to working and following are the features of it:

  • As mentioned above it has a YAG™ bulb which is best in working. No comparison or doubt in that.
  • It will not only help you but also your whole family or group at the time of need when there is nothing to provide you emergency light.
  • Not comfortable with single light standing? Not an issue anymore. The device comes with three different light standings low, medium and high.
  • The time of the need not only required light but also a tool that can act as a safety tool. This device comes with the beveled edges to help you fight any intruders.
  • The price of the device is 25$ FREE but the main important point is that it doesn’t comes alone. The device is having a package of free course on the survival skills and the tactical methods come along with it. These survival skills teach to live in even the hardest of surviving environment where there is no one but only you to do whatever it takes to survive.
  • Water proof and shock resistant make it best to uphold the strong environmental conditions. So either you are in jungle or travelling on top of a mountain, there is no need to worry for this device.
  • The device is having the capacity to be charged with sunlight. This additive feature enables you to carry it anytime and anyplace. An extra charging device or portable battery doesn’t need to be fitted in your back pack.
  • The size is pretty awesome as compared to the results we get from its use. It can easily fit into the backpack or your pocket. You do not need to make a separate space for this.



The only bad point you may find of the Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight is that you cannot buy it from a nearby general or daily store. It is even not available in the central market. The only way you can get the device along with the survival tactics, is online. Go to the Survival Life’s website where you can get it for free. You will never regret our advice.

The second problem though less attractive to many people is that its edges are wedged shaped, so you may need to take care of it instead of causing damage to someone. So always one need to take precautionary measures while holding it in hands. Keeping it in close space like pockets or bag will be the best locking space.

How to buy it?

hybeam tactical flashlightAs mentioned above it is available online for free and you have to visit Survival Life Website that provides the military grade equipment to the people who are into survival and training.

One can get the defense tips, survival tactics and also the survival brochure he or she may need to survive in the time of need. The price of the device is only 30$ but for the limited time period Joe Marshall is offering this Hybeam Flashlight package completely free. All you have to do is to pay just $6.95 for shipping and this package will arrive at your doorstep with 2-4 days.


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Concluding Remarks

While watching on the television survival tactics, you may have witnessed that it is really important to develop a light source, whether natural or artificial. Now, making fire is not an option when it comes to witty environmental conditions. And the only thing that can possibly help you, is the artificial light. Today in the modern world there is no substitute of light then what it comes in form of the flash light.

The Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight package has been developed by keeping in mind the sole purpose of survival in the harsh environmental conditions. The price is great. And the package it comes in is also superior to the rivals. Moreover, there is no substitute to the knowledge you will get from the survival website. So no need to worry and go for it if you feel need of a lightening device.


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